Jared Mooring

Chief Architect

Jared’s background covers blue chip organisations as well as start-ups around the world. He thrives in either environment, delivering value each time. His vast experience, including being Head of Platform Engineering at Yahoo!7 in Australia, makes Jared an exceptional engineering leader. In previous roles, he helped deliver the world’s first mobile banking wallet for Australia's biggest bank (CBA). He helped innovate and pioneer Telstra’s first direct to consumer mobile loyalty product, architecting and taking to market the world’s biggest crowd funded social platform. He co-founded his own social business in 2014 and took to market one of the first mobile device chat bots powered by a machine learning engine. Prior to joining Silxo in 2016 Jared was asked to step in as the Acting Head of Development at Time Inc UK where he led a team of 60 developers, managing the delivery of their aggressive roadmap. At Silxo, Jared our lead architect, managing the delivery of software transformation roadmaps within our client portfolio.