The challenge

There are 14 mountains on earth higher than 8000m (the “8000-ers”). Bremont Project Possible is an attempt by Nirmal “Nims” Purja to summit them all in 7 months. The previous world record? Almost 8 years.

Silxo is supporting phase III of a World Record Breaking Challenge.

“As founder and CEO of Silxo I enjoy meeting people with similar values to that of mine and my company. Recently I came across Bremont Project Possible and could immediately see the similarities of our goals despite being in completely different worlds. Silxo and Nims believe in overcoming all obstacles, building great teams, and detailed planning as nothing less than success will do. This is why I am now pleased to announce my increased support for this amazing project. I’ve met Nims a number of times and he is a remarkable person; proud of his achievements but humble about what he is capable of, and all of these things made it impossible for Silxo not to get further involved in Bremont Project Possible. I have absolutely no doubt that Nims will achieve his goal as for us both there is no plan B.
In Nims’ own words … Any Questions?

– Marc Silvester


Who is Nirmal Purja?

You may not have heard of Nims before – and there is a very good reason for that. He has spent the last 16 years serving in the UK military, 10 of which were in the secretive world of the UK’s Special Forces. However, in 2019 he left the military and for the first time can tell the stories of an extraordinary career.

As a former Special Forces operator, Nims has made sacrifices on our behalf, giving up time with friends and family to go on multiple deployments. He has placed himself in harm’s way, defending the freedom we enjoy.

Nims is also an extraordinary mountaineer who, because of his physiology, training, mindset and sheer humanity, is capable of achieving things beyond even the most experienced climber.

To find out more, visit the Bremont Project Possible website

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