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Leaders in technology turnaround and transformation

We work with your business to assess how its technology is performing, present investment and turnaround plans needed to deliver change and growth, implement solutions to scale and at pace.
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Our Services

Strategic Support, Investment Acceleration, Technology Transformation

Our aim is to deliver exceptional service. We agree a programme of work with transition as a key component so we never overstay our welcome.

Our Sectors

Ensuring your technology supports the predicted growth plan

We deliver technology transformation solutions that enable clients to exceed their growth objectives, whilst ensuring the transfer of knowledge and skills to maintain and future–proof sustained growth.

Our History

In 2014, Marc Silvester set up the company with a vision to provide superior services in the technology space. The next two years saw us winning our first clients in the private equity and corporate markets. We opened our London office in 2015.

2016 is when we consolidated the business, tripling our revenue as well as forging a close partnership with a near-shore IT fulfilment provider.

Since then, we have invested in two tech-based start-ups, and partnered with multiple organisations to grow our portfolio and reach, establishing ourselves as a credible alternative within the industry.

From vision, to aspiration to reality… the last 4 years have seen Silxo emerge as the go-to consulting and implementation partner that is steeped in practical experience.

The Team That Makes Silxo Exceptional

They key to our success lies in our people, our partnerships and our expertise.

“Throughout the project, Silxo’s experience and credibility has been essential to the overall success of the project.”

“They have talked the right language, created confidence for the business in awkward situations and have kept the necessary disciplines in place.”

“Silxo were employed to bring top level leadership and IT development. They achieved that goal within a short space of time, brought about an agreed change to the development plan and quickly created order, focus and clarity for the wider project team.”

“The bottom line is that Silxo has delivered more than we asked for or expected.”

“They have helped us maintain the ability to keep an overview of the entire project – not just Development.”

“Silxo’s role has been truly transformational.”

“Silxo went beyond our stated remit and demonstrated exceptional flexibility and tolerance.”

“Had we decided to go down the route of a more mainstream and known name consultancy, I believe the cost and time implication could have been crippling to the business.”

“Without their intervention we would not have been able to deliver what is needed for 2017!”

“Silxo is the company to go to if you have a crisis.”

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